Welcome to Conquest of the Mongols, a choose-your-adventure game designed by Sean Snider for a class at Duke University called "Between Moscow, Beijing, and Delhi", taught by Dr. Mustafa Tuna.
In this game, you will be faced with a series of decisions, and what you pick has consequences. There are two levels. On Easy, you will attempt to save your civilization from the Mongols, and on Hard you play as the conquering Mongols.

First, choose your level.

  1. Easy - You will play as Shah Ala ad-Din Muhammad of the Khwarazmian Empire. You have heard rumors of a nomadic society growing extremely powerful in the steppes to your west. Can you avoid getting wiped from the history books by a Mongol invasion?
  3. Hard - You are Genghis Khan himself, and your goal is to conquer the Jin Dynasty in modern-day China. Although the conquest was not fully finished until after Genghis Khan's death, he planted the seeds for Mongol rule in China.